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Flowers of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked nation located in South Africa. It is bordered by Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. The country is mostly covered with savanna grasslands. However, there are forests and mountains in the eastern part of the country. Numerous flowers grow in Zimbabwe. Some of the flowers of Zimbabwe are discussed in detail below.

Flame Lily.

It is Zimbabwe’s national flower. The flower has numerous other names including fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, climbing lily, creeping lily and superb lily. It grows in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The flower has a cup-like shape with the tips and edges of its petals curling backwards. The color of the flower ranges from bright yellow to dark red. The flower is poisonous if ingested. Moreover, contact with its stem or leaves can result in skin irritation.

Wild Hibiscus

This is an extremely fragile flower and lasts for just one day. Its color can be either yellow or pink. The flower can be found in the savanna areas of South Africa and tropical zones across the rest of Africa. It has been named after Dr. Heinrich Gustav Adolf Engler, who was the director of the Royal Botanical Garden of Berlin. He initiated a botanical exploration in Africa.

Leopard Orchid

The leopard orchid grows in Zimbabwe and other tropical areas of Africa. It is yellow in color with brown spots on its petals. The flower has a very pleasant smell. It is named after John Ansell, who found the first specimen of this flower.

Devil’s Thorn.

The flower and the plant can be found in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and other parts of the Northern Province of South Africa. The flower has the shape of a trumpet and is pinkish mauve in color.

River Crinum Lily

It is bell-shaped and is available in pink and white. It grows in East and South Africa. The flower is named after the English botanist Peter MacOwan, who took great interest in the flower.

Lavender Star Flower

This flower is native Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well as other parts of South Africa. It can be found growing in rocky places. The flower is small and star-shaped. The color of the flower can be either pink or mauve. The plant is usually used for landscaping as it attracts butterflies and other animals. It can also be easily made into a bonsai.

Apart from them, one can find several other flowers in Zimbabwe. Some of these are crocosmia and Barberton daisy.